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Crooner VinnyB

Entertain and do a tribute show to Frank Sinatra and friends, caberet shows, and some of Frank's friends include "TOM JONES" and "ELVIS PRESLEY" Vinny B has been singing Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Dean Martin, and Tony Bennet for over 40 years. He has traveled thoughout the U.S. and Hawaii performing at various events. Born and raised in Chicago, IL Vinni has always had a passion for swing, jazz, and big band orchestra. While Vinny is NOT an impersonator, (he does not look just like any of the stars) his talent, voice, and energy rival the best of any "look alikes." Vinny has the voice and stage presence to wow audiences and always promises an enthusiastic and memorable performance! For those who are looking for a performer to bring back the 'GOOD OLD DAYS' Vinny B is your man! He has performed at concerts, charity events, weddings, and in numerous restaurants and clubs throughout the U.S.

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